UCAT Customer Satisfaction Survey

Feedback on Specific Ride or Trip

N / APoor – 12345 – Excellent
Friendliness of the driver
UCAT Attire / Uniform
N/A1 – Poor2345 – Excellent
Length of the Route
How many trips on the route are offered each day
Number of stops on the route
The safety of bus stop locations
The physical accessibility of the bus stop (i.e., seating, curbs, space)
Wifi Coverage on the Bus
N/A1 – Poor2345 – Excellent
How many seats were available
The speed the bus was driven
The temperature of the bus
The comfort of the seats
The cleanliness of the bus
How safe you felt on the bus

Complaint or Incident

Request for Expanding Services or Route Changes

Positive ExperienceWe are glad to hear you had a positive experience with UCAT!